Thursday, January 10, 2008

Natala villagers loot rice from Nasaka

Kaladan Press

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Natala (model) villagers looted rice from Burma’s Border Security Force (Nasaka) on January 7, according to sources.

On January 7, at around 10 am, about 100 Natala villagers from Taungbro Sub-township in Maungdaw Township went to Nasaka area No. 3 headquarters and demanded that rice be provided as the price of rice has been skyrocketing in Maungdaw Township.

Major "Thu Rin Zaw", the Commander of the Nasaka area No. 3 told them that Nasaka will provide sufficient rice to the Natala villagers after January 15.

But, the Natala villagers were dissatisfied with this commitment. About 40 Natala villagers of the 100 went to the storehouse of Nasaka Area No. 3 and looted rice from the godown. The Nasaka drove them out of the place. After that all the Natala villagers who were participated in the looting were provided 5 kgs of rice and forced to go back to their village, a villager close to Natala villagers said.

The Natala villagers were recently settled in Taungbro Sub-town under Maungdaw Township after being inviting over from Burma proper.

A kg of rice is being sold at kyat 550 in Maungdaw townships. So, poor families are unable to meet their daily expenditure.

The authorities have been purchasing paddy from farmers across Arakan State at low prices from the open market to export to the neighboring country as well as storing ration for the armed forces for 2008. This is the main cause of soaring rice prices in Arakan, said on of the farmers on condition of anonymity.

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