Tuesday, January 15, 2008

HIV patients living in South Dagon are developing depression


Original Source : Than Htike Oo - Mizzima Burmese News
Translated : Smile Su - Art of Patience FREE BURMA's Team
January 14, 2008

HIV patients from two houses (Township 18 and 20) opening in South Dagon are now developing depression after their respectful Ma Phyu Phyu Thin has gone into hiding five months ago.

"She is a warm and kind person to HIV patients," said one patient Ma Nu Nu Tun Wai Shein. She added, "She wants to see and speak to Ma Phyu Phyu Thin who is missing now."

All of the HIV patients from the houses are expecting Ma Phyu Phyu Thin's return and some of them died while waiting for her return.

Another HIV male patient said, "Ma Phyu Phyu Thin helped them all with their needs, took them to the hospitals, organise the drugs, cared for them all by herself. She dealt with accommodation and financial problems, now they are finding difficulties because of her absence.

Since last August 2007, she led the Yangon demonstration for commodity high prices. She has gone into hiding because Junta follow her. She took responsibility for two houses in South Dagon Township since 2002 and over (1800) patients from the whole country could obtain drugs until now. Last year, HIV patients (600) received health care directly from the houses and other (40) patients from rural were supported with ARV drugs.

Ma Phyu Phyu Thin's coworker, Ko Yarzar said, "Usually, most of them rely on her psychologically, three of them have already died". Before she went missing she received donations for drug expenses from her friends and private donors. Now the center finds itself under financial stress and other difficulties.

Ma Phyu Phyu Thin's sister, Ma Sabei Oo said, "the situation is not the same as before. The rest of the staff can do very little, supplying drugs, taking blood samples etc. they are not trained to help out with a wide range of daily tasks."

AZG clinic from RSF and Wabargi from North Okkala are famous for providing ARV drugs. Since the Junta closed the Meggin monastery HIV patients could not get health care.

According to UN AIDS records, there are over 360,000 HIV infected persons in Myanmar and Ministry of Health use only US$100,000 for HIV preventing projects. That amount is (250) times less than for each person to get medical care in comparison with Thailand.

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