Thursday, February 5, 2009

ABFSU leader Dee Nyein Linn sentenced to 5 more years in prison - Dee Nyein Linn

By Phanida

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – The South Dagon Township Court sentenced 'All Burma Federation of Students Union' (ABFSU) leader Dee Nyein Linn to another five years in prison yesterday, for unlawful association. He has already been serving a prison term of over 10 years.

Earlier, South Dagon Townsh
ip Police Station House Officer Kyaw Sann Htay acted as prosecutor in the case of the 21 year-old student leader and then the prosecutor was changed. The new prosecutor sentenced him to 5 more years in prison, by charging him with Section 6 of the Unlawful Associations Act.

He was previously sentenced to a total of 10 and half years and now his total prison term would be 15 and half years.

"He was given 5 more years in prison by the South Dagon Township Court in connection with establishing unlawful association, charged under Section 6. Previously he had already been given 10 and half years. Aung Htu from Swan Ah Shin, acted as prosecutor in his case," his aunt told Mizzima.

"I feel very sorry for him. The total prison term given to him is more than half his age. On the other hand, I feel proud of him as he did it not for himself, but for the people. He also said to me, 'you don't need to be sorry, don't cry,' before he was sentenced by the court," his aunt added.

The leadership of ABFSU was reconstituted at the height of the monk-led anti-government demonstration, popularly known as the Saffron Revolution. Dee Nyein Linn was one of the newly reconstituted leaders.

Despite struggling against the military dictatorship, the successive military regimes banned the student organization, ABFSU, so that they had to carry on their movement underground.

Rangoon Western University, Geology major final year student, Dee Nyein Linn was arrested on 23rd October last year, at an apartment in Parami, Rangoon.

He was previously given 6 and a half years prison term with 4 cases including crime against public tranquility charged under section 505(b) of the Penal Code, and another 4 years for rioting cases.

His father Zaw Zaw Min is an 88 Gen Student leader and is serving a 65 years prison term and his grandfather was the elected MP of Htee Linn constituency, who died in Tharyawadi prison.

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