Sunday, February 8, 2009

The end of the UN may be at hand

By L. Jayasooriya

(Asian Tribune) -The tough words against Israel used by the Secretary General against Israeli action in Gaza could prompt Israel to tell America that the previous time the Secretary General was an Asian from Myanmar he was anti-Israeli and now when it came for the turn of another Asian he has also demonstrated that he is anti-Israeli and therefore America whether she could do it or not, should either remove him or make sure that in future no Asian will be the Secretary General.

If America that exercises hegemony over other members of the UN except China and Russia and hence in the end controls the UN were to agree then it could be a blessing in disguise because the world that has never been happy about the injustices against humanity that have been allowed to take place all over the world would be forced to look for alternatives. It is therefore not without reason why the whole world had shown so much interest in American elections hoping that Obama would make this planet a better place to live in where justice prevails and nations are not de-stabilized, patriotic leaders killed, puppet regimes installed and Africa, Asia and South America exploited.

If Obama were to take a tough stand on Israeli aggression against the Palestinians and were to make a statement that he is seeking a compromise solution where Israel withdraws from Palestinian lands to an extend that satisfies the neighbouring Muslim countries then that compromise solution can be put into effect whether Israel agrees to it or not even if America physically keeps out of it. If Obama can bring about dignity peace and independence to the Palestinians then the rest of the world would have faith in him to undo American policy that has antagonized the whole world against her but if he fails in the Israeli problem, Asia with the exception of Japan and India would turn their heads away from America and try to see what they could make out with China and Russia.

It would be an easy matter for all Asian countries including China and Russia to form a United Nations of Asian Countries without Japan and India and with the protection of China and Russia, not to interfere with any outside country but to seek protection with strength from the domineering countries of the West. With the hand of Chavez considerably strengthened as a result he could very well seek to form a United Nations of South American countries, again not to interfere with outside countries but to secure independence from America. (JEG's: Unfortunately, China, Russia, Japan and Chavez are a bit short on Human Rights, they must start practicing at home first to make a UN Asian group workable - just an illusion with this thought)

Africa will have to wait a little longer but a beginning would have been made for a natural change in world order which would be stronger than what Obama could bring about single handed even if he had the will to bring about the change for the better that we have interpreted to be not just for America alone but for all peoples of this planet.

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