Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Truth and Legality of the Panglong Agreement

Shan Herald Agency for News

According to the state-run news paper, New Light of Myanmar Than Shwe’s message on the 62nd.anniversary of Union Day said that the Union Day marks the signing of the 'Panglong' agreement between Burmese independence architect General Aung San and ethnic leaders to form the Union of Burma in 1947 and urged the people to nurture the Burmese spirit regardless of where they were.

Only the Union Spirit is true patriotism that will ever protect and safeguard all the national races," the paper quoted Than Shwe as saying.

Has anyone ever wonder why Than Shwe gave such a speech?

  1. Is he admitting that the Union of Burma was formed because of the Panglong Agreement, after being in denial for decades?

  2. Is he admitting to the legality of the Panglong Agreement?

  3. Is he beginning to realise that he cannot break up the Union and glue the pieces together by force?

  4. Is he in trouble, and now needs the loyalty of all ethnic nationalities

  5. Or could this be his first step towards reconciliation with the ethnic nationalities? If it so, wonder will never cease

  6. Has he misunderstood the meaning of Panglong Agreement altogether?

  7. If he meant to accept that the Union of Burma was formed due to the principes of the Panglong Agreement is he willing to accept all the clauses that are contained in the Agreement? For instance
  • All ethnic nationalities are to be treated as equal partners, with equal status and opportunities?
  • All states have the right to self-determination?
  • Each state has the right to secede after ten years? And etc.
The Panglong Agreement is a whole package with many built in clauses. Bogyoke Aungsan and the Ethnic Leaders signed an agreement to all the clauses that made up the Panglong Agreement. The Panglong Agreement is a fact and legal

It has been decades since the military regime has been in conflict with citzens of Burma. It is about time the Generals realise that conflict can be resolved only through talking with all Leaders of the Opposition? It is about time they release all political prisoners. The citizens are tired and weary with this unresolved dire situation.

S.n. Oo
The author is from the former illustrious State of Lawkzawk in the Federated Shan States, as today's Shan State of Burma was known until 1948. Opinions expressed here are those of the author – Editor

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