Thursday, February 12, 2009

Warning by Britishers to Kachins comes true

"Don't take independence together!", the British had warned ethnic Kachin leaders and this has come true today, the 62nd anniversary of the Union Day in Burma, which commemorates the ethnic Shan, Kachin, Chins leaders and Burmese (Burman) leader General Aung San signing the Panglong Agreement for forming the multi-ethnic Union of Burma on February 12, 1947.

Kachins have lost their autonomous rights since Burma's Independence Day on January 4, 1948 during successive Burmese-national leaderships---from the first elected Prime Minister U Nu to Senior General Than Shwe, current chairman of the military junta's so-called State Peace and Development Council (SPDC). Now it is the worst phase.

Kachin Duwa Wabaw Zau Rip
Written by KNG

It was a historic mistake where Kachins lost political rights when Kachin leaders decided to take independence together with Burmese and form the Union of Burma in 1946 under the leadership of the two Kachin Duwas (leaders) in Myitkyina --- Sama Duwa Sinwa Nawng and Duwa Wabaw Zau Rip, said Duwa Maran Zau Awng in Florida in the US of the National League for Democracy, NLD's People Representative of Waingmaw Township in Kachin state and Awng Wa, the former 88 Kachin students' leader on the Sino-Burma border.

On August 15, 1946, Mr. Stevenson, officer of Burma's Frontier Areas Administration and Mr. North, special commissioner of Bhamo and Myitkyina met about 100 Kachin Duwas from Myitkyina, Bhamo, Danai (Tanai), Putao and Lashio in Myitkyina and warned them not to claim independence together with the Burmese.

Mr. Stevenson warned Kachin Duwas in a meeting held in a football field in Manhkring primary school in Myitkyina, "So, We are to give independence to Burmese soon, you (Kachin) don't take independence together with them. If you receive it together, you may be depressed by the Burmese someday."

Mr. Stevenson had continued, "We'd like to rule continuously for 10 years and give you independence. As we'd like to be grateful to you for your great help in fighting against Fascist Japan in northern Burma during WW II, we'd like to teach you and educate you 'how to rule country'.

Sama Duwa Sinwa Nawng angrily stood first and fought back with words against Mr. Stevenson saying "If Burmese depress us, we'll slaughter them again. We have slaughtered them in the past."

Duwa Wabaw Zau Rip had complained regarding the promise of political education programs for Kachins by the two British officers, "You did not build any school in Bhamo in 75 years of rule, Myitkyina during 50 years of rule and Putao in 35 years of rule. We don't believe you."

All Kachin leaders in the meeting raised their hands and rejected the warning and the offer of the two British officers as soon as they heard the voices of Duwa Sinwa Nawng and Wabaw Zau Rip, said Duwa Zau Awng who was teenager at that time and informally attended the meeting.

Duwa Zau Awng added, Kachin leaders at that time had also thought of forming the People's Republic of Kachin as the next step in the future after independence together with Burmese.

The London-based Duwa Mahkaw Hkun Sa, general secretary of Kachin National Council accused Burma's ruling junta pointing at Article 9 (c) under Chapter (1) in the junta's newly drafted constitution which was forcibly approved in the public referendum in May, 2008, "The Burma's ruling junta is trying to delete the name 'Kachin state' from Burma."

Now, all Kachin leaders believe that the lost rights of Kachins following Burma's Independence Day will be regained if a democratic system is ushered into Burma, first.

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