Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bangladesh to throw beggars in jail

From correspondents in Dhaka France-Presse

BANGLADESH has made begging illegal and intends to eliminate the practice from the streets of the impoverished country within five years, an official said.

Hundreds of thousands of people depend on begging to survive in Bangladesh, where 40 per cent of the 144 million population earn less than a $US1 ($1.43) a day.

An official, who declined to be named, told AFP that a Bill had been passed in Parliament this week outlawing begging.

"Anyone caught begging will be put in jail for a month. This includes people who pretend to be ill or use a disability to get money," the official said.

Finance Minister A M A Muhith said in February that his Government, which came to power in December, would eliminate begging within five years.

According to a 2005 survey, a beggar in the capital Dhaka, home to around 27,000 beggars, earns an average 100 taka ($2.08) a day. Beggars in regional towns earn much less.

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Parliament passed Anti-Beggar Bill

That is the most brilliant idea from the Finance Minister A M A Muhith to take the beggars off the street.

Beggars are on the street due to the high unemployment, due to bad coffers administration therefore poor economy in the country to provide for the needed in this case, the beggar.

The beggars go on the street wanting to survive and the very generous parliament has made beggars suffering lesser for a month as they will have a roof over their heads and fishheads soup for a whole month... that is called abundance on earth to a beggar.

Bravo to all the Parliament members you have found the solution to eradicate beggars, I just wonder if your jails will be able to cope otherwise Human Rights will be on your backs as from now...

There is generosity, love and affection for the poor after all in the Bangladesh enactment. Long live the Beggarhood now they got 1 month free survival on government's / wealthy taxpayers' account.

Instead of focusing on embarrassment, focus on solution, there are plenty of jobs for exchange of food and some wages to help the beggars to survive even in this financial crisis the globe is going through...

Imagination is required from the High Thinkers in Parliament...

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