Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Local media awaits permission to print intruder's photograph

by Phanida

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – The local media in Burma is waiting for permission from the censor board to report the intrusion into Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's residence by a foreigner along with his photograph.

The local media reported on it by quoting the May 6 issue of 'New Light of Myanmar' (NLM) which said John William Yeattaw swam across the Inya Lake in Rangoon and intruded into the lakeside villa of DASSK on May 3. The local media reported the news only with the facts mentioned in the NLM along with the news photograph of the intruder. Now they are awaiting permission from the censor board to reproduce the news and news photographs.

"We submitted the news photograph also. But we cannot say yet what will be the outcome. Our news report is the one mentioned in the NLM and will be ok," an editor of a weekly journal who wished not to be named said.

NLM reported that the intruder stayed at the residence of detained Nobel Peace Laureate for two days. He left on May 5 and was arrested on May 6 while he was swimming across the Inya Lake in Rangoon.

The local media wants to report the news but some precautionary media made self-censorship has held them back.

"We deleted this news ourselves as part of a self-censorship. How can we report such sensitive news? If we reproduce this news knowingly, we will certainly face the ire of the censor board. They will censor more news of our publication and we cannot get any favour and privilege from them. It's better not to report such news if we know they will certainly censor it," a reporter from a weekly journal said.

The NLM reported that over 90 pieces of Kyat 1,000 denomination Burmese currency notes, some USD currency notes, a camera, a folded pliers and a torch light were found in the possession of the intruder after arrest.

But the news didn't mention anything about the health condition of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

Her family doctor Dr. Tin Myo Win was not allowed to visit her on May 7 for a regular medical checkup usually conducted on the first Thursday of every month. Moreover he was detained later.

On May 8, Dr. Pyone Moe Ei, the assistant of Dr. Tin Myo Win, was allowed to visit DASSK for a medical checkup. The doctor found DASSK was suffering from dehydration, hypertension with high blood pressure and loss of appetite. She was administered an intravenous drug, the doctor said.

The authorities denied the doctor's request to visit her again the next day.

Her party, the 'National League for Democracy', called on the junta to review the detention order on their party leader who is being held beyond the limit prescribed by the law. But it was rejected.

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