Saturday, May 30, 2009

Officer using PM visit to fill pocket

(S.H.A.N.)- Mongyang Township Peace and Development Council chairman Ye Lin Aung had ordered village headmen to collect money from the local villagers on the excuse of repaying the cost for Prime Minister Thein Sein’s visit, according to sources from the border.

On 23 May, Ye Lin Aung called a meeting of village headmen in Mongyang where he ordered them to collect 1,000 Kyat ($ 1) per house in order to pay for the cost.

“During their visit, it cost a lot and township council is short of funds,” he was repeated as saying.

General TheinSein and Shan-Kayah State commander Min Aung Hlaing made a visit to the town, 64 miles northeast to the Kengtung, Shan State East capital, on 25 April

Many villagers express disappointment.

“The cost could not have been much. The visitors just stayed for about an hour and they only had coffee and juice. It’s just another way to fill up his pocket,” said a village headman.

Ye Lin Aung had already been warned by Kengtung for graft. Local people therefore are watching whether he will be fired or not.

Mongyang has 11 quarters and about 550 houses. Ye Lin Aung was able to collect K 549,000 ($ 549), according to the headman.

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