Monday, May 11, 2009

Random arrest and extortion by Nasaka in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State (KPN): Nasaka Burma’s border security force’s random arrest and extortion from the Rohingya people on false and baseless cases has put the community into severe problems in Maungaw Township, according to an elder from Maungdaw.

According to a school teacher from Maungdaw, Commander Major Kyi Hlaing of Nasaka area No.6, under the Maungdaw Township arrested some Rohingya people on the allegation of being involved in human trafficking and possesing Bangladeshi mobile phones. He is infamous for his notorious activities against the Rohingya community. The people were very unhappy when the Commander was appointed in the Nasaka area, because he resorted to brutal torture after arrest and extorted money. Some of the arrestees are as follows:

On April 25, Jaffar (22), son of Sultan, from Kyauk Pyin Seik (Naribill) of Maungdaw township was arrested by Naska personnel of Nasaka area No.6, on the allegation that he was involved in human trafficking and was released after paying kyat 500,000.

Maulana Islam (24), son of Sayed Akber, from Kyauk Pyin Seik (Naribil) east village was arrested by the Nasaka on the same accusation on April 25. He was also released after paying kyat 500,000.

Maulana Mohamed Amin (40), son of Nazir Ahmed, from Hla Poe Khuang (Sarfoddin Bill) was arrested by Nasaka on April 15, on the same accusation, and was released after paying kyat 2.5 million.

Hafez Zamil (35), son of Maulana Fazal Karim from Kyauk Pyin Seik (Naribill) village on April 10, and was released after paying kyat 250,000.

Similarly, the Nasaka Captain Bolay of Nasaka area No.7 of Maungdaw Township arrested six villagers on May 4, on the allegation that they were holding mobile phones, and came back from Malaysia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to aide of Nasaka. They are as follows:

Hashim Ullah (30), son of Mokter Ahmed,
Nur Alam (18), son of Amir Hussain,
Boshir Ullah (19), son of Amir Hussain,
Jamil (18), son of Mokter Ahmed,
Noor Mohamed (50), son of Habibur Rahaman and
Nor Hussain( 50), son of Omra Meah

were arrested on May 4 by Nasaka on allegation that they have mobiles phones and came from KSA and Malaysia. They all are from Than Da (Sanda Para) village of Maungdaw Township. However, they were
released after paying kyat 150,000 to 1,000,000 each in keeping with their financial status.

A village elder said, “Recently the Nasaka authorities have increased persecution against the Rohingya people and taking money from villagers on false allegations. This is the method using by Nasaka to cripple the Rohingya economically.”

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