Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bomb blast while Lieutenant –General Ye Myint visits Mawlamyine

By Kaowao
May 29, 2009

Mawlamyine (May-29) While visiting Mawlamyine to transform the ethnic cease-fire group and splinter group into a Border Guard Force the military government Lieutenant General Ye Myint from Naypyitaw witnessed multiple bomb blasts. While Lieutenant-General Ye Myint was in the city, at 10-AM local time a bomb blast occurred close to the strand road in Shwe Taung quarter and another bomb blasted near Mawlamyine jail and at the evening one more bomb blasted again near the Mon State Bureau of Special Investigation or BSI, local military security said.

Because of those blasts, Southeast Command Lieutenant-Colonel Myo Myint, a son in-law of the Mining Minister General Own Myint, may be blamed by the regime, guessed by some military officer in Mawlamyine.

Military security force commander in-chief Lieutenant-General Ye Myint was asked to reform the institution of the Karen splinter and Mon splinter armed groups into Border guard force, a Karin Peace Force officer said.

Lieutenant-General Ye Myint had no schedule to meet to the New Mon State Party thus, NMSP Malamyine liaison officer said, “I deduce that Lieutenant-General Ye Myint will not see the NMSP leader”.

In the first week of March, the Executive Committee (EC) of NMSP president Nai Htaw Mon, Vice President Nai Rot Sa, Joint Secretary Nai Chan Toi, EC members Nai Htar Wa Ra and Nai Ta La Nyi met Military security force commander in-chief Lieutenant-General Ye Myint . NMSP leaders stated, “our 7th congress decided that NMSP will not accept the policies of Border guard force.”

Due to bomb explosions, military security forces were doing more thorough investigations to travelers at the entrances of the town gates and check-points, investigating all guests in every house and threatening the strangers all corners.

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