Monday, June 8, 2009

Sydney University offers protest degrees

when the junta sent their police to be trained in Australia
to fight "anti-government" terrorism ...
they said it was for terrorism but it is used for social supremacy
splendid imagination and idea we think... :)
the tools are handed to us… let’s grab it.. !

By Joe Hildebrand

ANTI-military activists have been offered training on how to disrupt Australia's top-level wargames with the US military in an official course run by Sydney University.

The University's Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies offered students a six-week "Peace and Activism Training Course" culminating in a trip to Queensland next month to disrupt Exercise Talisman Sabre.

The $500 course fee even included travel expenses for the six-day trip to Rockhampton to take part in the "Peace Convergence" for the first week of the three-week exercise.

An online discussion group by organisers investigated by The Daily Telegraph reveals the group plans to blockade Rockhampton airport on Sunday, July 12 and other direct action.

It also anticipates possible arrests.

In previous years protesters have tried to blockade the Shoalwater Bay military training base and several have been arrested.

The course's instructors included Dr Hannah Middleton, who is also a protest organiser.

However, after being contacted by The Daily Telegraph, Dr Middleton said late yesterday that the course had been cancelled.

She also said students in the course would not have been asked to take part in actions that could get them arrested.

"They are studying non-violent responses to conflict," she said.

The group is also preparing an "activist's handbook" for those taking part. However, it has not yet been distributed.

The 2007 handbook has been pulled from the organisers' website.

An existing manual circulated among members promotes the use of techniques such as tunnelling, occupying buildings and throwing pies.

The Daily Telegraph

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