Saturday, June 20, 2009

UN’s WFP staff does not live up to promise

by KPN

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The staff members of UN’s World Food Program in Maungdaw Township did not live up to its promise to workers who had worked in the road construction site in Maungdaw Township from March 5 to May 5, said one of the workers to Kaladan News.

Villagers of Maung Nama village were working in the road construction site on the Maung Nama-Amina Bazaar-Naribill road under the Maungdaw Township at the initiative of WFP as part of the food for work program.

The road is about 2,227 meters long and the construction work was started on March 5 and was completed on May 5, 2009, said a local trader who wished not to be named.

The WFP officer Daw Nu Nu Khin of Maungdaw north promised to provide 556 rice bags (one bag is 50 kg) to the villagers who worked in the road construction work. The villagers were to receive 116 rice bags from WFP officer.

When the villagers asked the WFP officer for the remaining rice bags, she said it will be provided later. But it is still pending, said a local schoolteacher.

Villagers who worked on the road construction under the WFP project hope that if they get the remaining rice bags they can support their families.

After completing the road, a WFP officer from Australia visited the spot, checked the construction and praised the villagers who participated in the road construction.

A villager who worked on the site said, “the WFP helps poor villagers as it provides us work when we are facing food crisis.”

WFP is well-known for its pro-poor activities, but some of the staff member’s insincere activities affects the good image of UN’s WFP. So, there is need to check the activities of WFP staff members by the higher authorities, said a village elder on condition of anonymity.

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