Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rohingya youth murdered near Burma-Bangladesh border

Teknaf, Bangladesh (Kaladan): A Rohingya youth, who recently returned from Saudi Arabia, was murdered and his body found near a brick field of Lada yesterday, according to a source of the Teknaf Police.

Shahzan (33) son of Abdul Majed , returned from Holy Makkah of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on June 20 and was residing in the border area since he could not enter Burma for fear of arrest by the authorities, according to a refugee from Nayapara.

Shahzan met Kamal Shah, a registered refugee from Nayapara, who has a laundry shop in Lada Market near the unregistered Lada Camp and Bangladesh Riffles (BDR) camp. They became friends as Kamal was helping Shahzan to stay in the area, Kala Meah from Lada Market said.

Shahzan visited the Nayapara refugee camp frequently with Kamal Shah and stayed in his shed numbered 1020 and room number 6. With an introduction from Kamal Shah, Shahzan met Ali Ahmed, a local near the Nayapara camp and Kamal from Lada refugee camp. Shahzan kept his money with Ali Ahmed, according to a refugee, who did not want to disclose his identity.

On June 27, Shahzan drank alcohol and was wandering in the camp, when the security personnel arrested him and sent him to the Camp in Charge, where he was asked why and how he entered the camp. The Camp in Change handed him over to the Teknaf police station, but he was released on June 28 with the help of Ali Ahmed and Kamal Shah and stayed in Lada market in a teashop, said Anwar, who works in the Lada Market.

Ali Ahmed returned the money to Shahzan after he was released from the police station, Anwar added.

Yesterday, Shahzan’s body was found near a brick field and sent to Cox’s Bazaar for autopsy. Teknaf police have arrested Kamal Shah, Ali Ahmed and Kamal. However, the three persons are still in Teknaf police station and nobody knows who murdered Shahzan. The police are investigating the case, an aide of the police said.

Rohingya people, who work in Saudi Arabia, are mostly the victims of robbery, fraud and loot, when they return. They either lose their money or their lives as they cannot enter Burma, for fear of being arrested, a Rohingya elder, who stays in the refugee camp, said.

“Some go to Burma secretly to see their family, some come safely and some lose their money and their property while others are arrested,” he added.

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