Thursday, July 23, 2009

Two soldiers of DKBA arrested, one left standing

IMNA- Two Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) soldiers were seized by the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) yesterday between Three Pagoda Pass (TPP) and Maketa forest. During the arrest sources claim one of the DKBA soldiers was killed.

According to sources from Three Pagoda Pass (TPP), forces from KNLA Bridge No.6, battalion No. 16, at the Kyun-chaung checkpoint, arrested two DKBA soldiers who were traveling from Chaung Wa, where they lived, to TPP, by boat. The soldiers, who were regular infantry of a low rank, were traveling together with no other support, and it is unclear how they were recognized as DKBA, and subsequently arrested.

“DKBA Captin Saw Aye One called his soldiers to go to TPP, and while traveling they were arrested and one of them was killed by the KNLA. The other DKBA soldier is still being detained by the KNLA,” said a source from the Karen Peace Force. “The KNU have not retaliated after a recent combined attack from the DKBA and Burmese army against the KNU on July 8th.”

On July 8th, the DKBA fought against troops from KNLA Bridge No.6 in Maketa from which the DKBA suffered 2 casualties. After the conflict between the DKBA and the KNU, a rumor spread out that the Burmese army and the DKBA combine force would continue to fight against KNU Bridge No.6.

According to a KNU officer from Dooplaya District, their forces didn’t kill or arrest either DKBA soldier, and that their battalion No. 16 didn’t engage in any action yesterday.

The actual circumstances around the event remain unclear. According to a source from TPP close to the KNU, “[The] KNU arrested DKBA soldiers yesterday; 1 solider was killed but I am not sure where the KNU is keeping the other soldier.“

The event has prompted Burmese authorities to tighten security inside and outside TPP town, residents claim, explaining the security increase most likely came as reaction to the arrests as well as an increase fear about the spread of H1N1.

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