Friday, August 14, 2009

Mandalay authorities arrest people for using old bags

IMNA, Asah

The local authorities in Mandalay arrested some residents who used old plastic bags to carry vegetables and meat from the city market.

The Mandalay traffic police stopped people with already used rubber bags. They have been arrested and fined, according to witnesses.

“They made us pay a fine of 5000 kyat, because we were carrying the goods we bought in old bags. Another 10 people were arrested with us”, a source close to those arrested previously revealed.

The authorities in Mandalay city announced that people couldn’t use any more old plastic bags. The reason is the bags contain a virus which could harm the health of the people and could spread a disease.

“I noticed 4 or 5 persons paying each a fine of 10 000 kyat to police officers. They all were using old bags”, a witness said.

A new plastic bag costs 50 kyat. The police usually impose a fine between 5000 and 10 000 kyat to those who breach the regulations. Most of the people in Burma prefer to use bags as it is easy to bring anything.

The announcement which bans the use of the old plastic bags was made in June 2009, the “New Light of Myanmar” reported. There are more than 30 spots where the residents of the city can buy new bags from.

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