Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nonagenarian protester sentenced to week in prison

Taungup (Narinjara): A nonagenarian protester was sentenced to seven days in prison by the Taungup Township court on August 14 because he staged a solo protest against the court verdict pronounced on U Kyaw Kahing, said a townsperson.

“He was sentenced to a week in prison. The authorities charged him under a section of Act 47, which is related to drinking with disarray,” he said.

The protester, U Chit Htwe, is a former tuition teacher, and a close associate of U Kyaw Khaing the NLD Township chairman.

U Chit Htwe went to Taungup Township court on July 13 to hear the verdict of the court on U Kyaw Khaing, a defamation case against whom was filed by U Than Pee, former NLD Taungup Township member.

When U Chit Htwe heard that the court had sentenced U Kyaw Khaing to two years in prison, he staged a protest before the judge.

An eyewitness said U Chit Htwe criticized the judge’s verdict loudly and said the verdict was unfair and unjust.

Following the criticism of the judge he was charged under a section of Act 47. On 14 August, the court sentenced him to seven days in prison.

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