Monday, April 27, 2009

Banned church inaugurated in Burma

(Kachin News) -A Baptist church was inaugurated in Kutkai town in northeast Shan State after a ban for over a decade on its construction by Burma's ruling junta. The traditional Christian inauguration service was held today in the country's northern region, said local Christian sources.

Rev. Lahpai Zau Yaw Memorial Church was inaugurated today in Kutkai in northeastern Shan State, Burma.

The Baptist church for Burma's ethnic Kachin residents of Kutkai town in northeast Shan State known as "Rev. Lahpai Zau Yaw Memorial Church" was inaugurated today with hundreds of church followers and hundreds of Christian guest participants.

Burma's ruling junta has banned the construction of new churches in the country. The construction of the memorial church had been banned for over a decade. It was later allowed to be completed, according to local Baptist followers.

Local church followers said, the "Rev. Lahpai Zau Yaw Memorial Church" also known as Middle-Town Church was designed by a Japanese engineer. It is also one of the best churches designed in Burma.

The church was constructed with the funds collected from local followers and Kachin Christian communities abroad as well as Baptist Churches under the Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC) around Burma, said church sources.

In order to mobilize civilians for the ensuing general elections in the country next year, the junta has been wooing different churches with sacks of rice, gallons of cooking oil, donation and providing telephones (land line, mobile and cellular) in Kachin State since over the last two years.

Some Christians have strongly criticized church leaders for accepting the gifts offered by Satan, the Burma's ruling junta, said local Christians.

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