Friday, May 22, 2009

5 killed in clash with rebels

By Hseng Khio Fah

(Shanland) -5 Burma Army soldiers and policemen were reportedly killed after a clash with the Shan State Army (SSA-South) on 21 May, which marked the 51st anniversary of the Shan Resistance Day.

At dawn yesterday, SSA fighters attacked a joint army- police road sentry box at the 21 milestone between Laikha and Panglong, southern Shan State.

It was defended by 8 men (5 from Infantry Battalion IB#64 commanded by Company Sergeant Major Tin Ohn and 3 commanded by Police Corporal Aye Min Tun).

Five defenders, including all three policemen, were killed and their weapons taken by the attackers, according to border sources.

SHAN has been unable to reach the SSA-South for confirmation. Loi Taileng, the SSA’s main base, is believed to be still celebrating the Resistance Day.

There are three SSA brigades reportedly active in the area. These are the 759th Brigade under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Kham Leng, Brigade # 198 under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Hsang Wi and the Awng Pay Hseuk Force, under the command of Lt-Col Pawng Kherh.

The Shan resistance was launched by Sao Noi aka Saw Yanda, a 31-year old transplanted Shan from Mongwan (Longchuan), Yunnan province, and his 30-followers in 1958, 6 years after Shan State was occupied by the Burma Army ostensibly to defend the Union’s territorial integrity against Kuomintang incursion.

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