Friday, May 22, 2009

Suu Kyi 'composed' on day 5 of trial

(ABC) -Burma's opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has entered the fifth day of her trial looking composed and in charge, says an ambassador.

Ms Suu Kyi is facing five years in prison after an American man swam to her lakeside house and stayed there for two days, even though he was not invited.

On Wednesday (local time), the trial at Rangoon's Insein prison was opened for a day to foreign diplomats and the media, but it has now gone back behind closed doors.

Britain's ambassador Mark Canning was in court and told ABC Radio he would not be surprised if diplomats and journalists were allowed back in at a later date.

"Clearly what it's all about is, I think, trying to buy off some of the stream of international criticism that the launching of this trial has provoked," he said.

Mr Canning said Ms Suu Kyi looked well despite her difficult situation.

"She was composed, upright, crackling with sort of energy, very much in charge of her defence team," he said.

"And then following the conclusion of the session she spoke briefly to the diplomats who were there to welcome their presence, to say that she hoped she would meet them in better times."

Mr Canning says that despite strong criticism, particularly from the region, the junta finds itself locked into having to come up with a guilty verdict.

"There is some speculation that perhaps they would deliver a sentence that is shorter than it might have been before, but we don't really know, but I think we can be fairly safe in the assumption that it would be a guilty verdict," he said.

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