Thursday, May 28, 2009

Junta retraining militia

By Khun Aung Kham

(Shanland) -The Burma army’s Kengtung based Triangle Region Command has ordered veteran militias to attend new training courses, according to sources from the border.

Around 250 militia members from Tachilek and Mongphyak townships were ordered to attend the training in Kengtung, 160 km north of Thai-Burma border. Each village headman was also ordered to collect money from villagers to pay for the cost of the trainees.

The fee for transportation and food may cost 10,000 Kyat ($ 10) for each trainee.

“ The salary of trained militias will be provided by the government. The amount may be similar to the Burma army. But the militias have to obey orders from the military like regular soldiers,” said the G-1 officer during the closing ceremony on 9 May.

A militiaman from Talerh told SHAN, “The training was not only about combat but also about intelligence: keeping watch on the villagers, checking guests and supporting the regular army.”

The Burma army is giving militia trainings in many townships in Shan State,but the cost has to be paid by the local populace, according to him.

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