Friday, May 29, 2009

Gas pipeline mysteriously explodes in Karen State

By Asah, IMNA

A Gas pipeline exploded, sending villagers scattering to near by towns. Burmese troops have been deployed to the site to stand guard.

In K0 Kyaik (Yaw Thit) village, the Kanbauk Myaing Kalay gas pipeline exploded on May 27th at 10 a.m., and continued burning till 4 pm. The village is located in Hpa-an township, between Hpa-An and Zartapyin.

Residents of Ko Kyaik village fled after the explosion to a near by Karin village, after fire from the blast spread to Ko Kyaik. On Thursday soldiers arrived and constructed a makeshift camp near the pipeline, cutting villagers off from the explosion.

“After the gas exploded, the fire spread to the village, and we ran away because we were afraid,” said a Yaw Thit villager. “Many people ran, and scattered in different directions.”

“I heard the explosion while standing on road that leads direct to Hpa-An,” said a villager from Zartapyin. “I was not sure where the sound came from, but it was definitely an explosion.” Zaratayin is five minutes from Ko Kyaikk by motorbike.

A villager from Piekatar village said, “I did not hear the explosion of the pipeline, but I heard about the explosions in Moulien.”

5 soldiers were assigned to stand guard over the blast location, keeping out observers. As a result there are yet no reports on how extensive damage was to the pipeline, and the government has yet to give a reason for the explosion.

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