Friday, May 29, 2009

USDA official confiscates public land for self

Kyauk Pru (Narinjara): The Secretary of Kyauk Pru Township Union Solidarity Development Associations, (USDA) organizing department has allegedly confiscated many acres of forest land with the help of local army officials for his own interest, said a teacher in the area.

U Myo Ko Han, Secretary of the USDA township organizing department, confiscated many acres of forest lands located at the foot of Kyauk Si Daung mountain in Kyauk Pru township. The forest is used by the people in the area.”

U Myo Ko Han is not only a highly placed official of the township USDA but also a senior clerk of the government survey department in Kyauk Pru Township.

“He can take possession of the lands and make it his own easily as he in power. At the same time he is a senior clerk of the survey department. So he knows how to occupy public land for his own use. Many public lands in the area are his own and people do not have a chance to work there,” the teacher said.

Even though the local Burma Army authorities know about U Myo Ko Han confiscating the public land no action has been taken against him because he has managed army officers by bribing them with money and gifts, so that they do not disturb him for land confiscation.

Many villagers from villages including Thi Chy, Htin Thway, Kyauk Si, Pri Daw, Ma Ahu Pri and Dwe Cha are facing problems after he confiscated forest lands.

“The villagers living near the mountain are now in trouble because U Myo Ko Han has prohibited them from procuring bamboos and timber from the forest. Earlier, local people procured timber and bamboo from the forest to build their homes. There is no rule or law which allows government officials in rural areas of Arakan to do what they like as Myo Ko Han has done,” he said.

It is an abuse of the law by Myo Ko Han but there is no one to complain about the confiscation of public lands for private use as Myo Ko Han has done.

“Every body will be in trouble if he or she complains to higher authorities. So the local people are silent despite knowing it is an injustice. It is tantamount to oppression by a powerful official on innocent people,” the teacher added.

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