Friday, May 29, 2009

Yettaw's testimony throws a wrench into junta's plans

by Nem Davies

New Delhi (Mizzima) – Yesterday’s state-run media, weary of potential implications, omitted some facts revealed during the court testimony on Wednesday of American John William Yettaw, who disclosed that he encountered security personnel while trying to sneak into Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s residence.

At Wednesday's hearing, Yettaw testified that he met with armed security personnel upon leaving her house after his first visit, in November of last year, with the security detachment aiming their guns at him and asking, "What are you doing here?" Apart from that, he reportedly faced no trouble and harassment by security deployed at Suu Kyi's compound and managed to leave the area, according to his testimony.

Then, in his second visit, he again testified he encountered five security personnel while trying to sneak into her house by swimming across Inya Lake. On this occasion security personnel threw some stones at him but did not do anything to block his entry.

However, yesterday's state-run media failed to report any of these proceedings.

In his testimony, Yettaw repeatedly justified entry into the house because "God sent him here to convey a message of imminent danger to the life of Daw Suu unleashed by a terrorist outfit."

The court’s reported earlier plan of handing down a verdict today, Friday, was jeopardized by Yettaw’s testimony, a leading police officer told Mizzima.

The court instead fixed the date for final arguments for Monday, June 1, said Kyi Win, who testified yesterday as the sole defense witness.

As with all but two days of the trial, Wednesday being the 8th day of the proceedings, the court was closed for Yettaw's testimony to journalists, the diplomatic community and other interested parties not directly involved in the case.

On a day when Aung San Suu Kyi's presence was not required at the court, Yettaw's testimony on Wednesday lasted approximately three hours with the judges also hearing for about half an hour from Suu Kyi's two live-in colleagues, Khin Khin Win and Win Ma Ma, who are also being charged.

Security remains tight around Insein Prison, where the court is convening, and Insein Market. Civilian organizations loyal to the junta can be seen monitoring those who come to the venue in vigil or out of keen interest in the proceedings.

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