Friday, May 29, 2009

Unknown Fever kills 3 children in Karen State, many others sick

By Kon Hadae, IMNA

Villagers in Hpa-an Township, Karen State are getting fevers, reported a resident of Jong Hpie Village.

“At least 3 children [in most houses] didn’t get up in Jong Hpie village [because of their sickness]. This year many children have fevers,” said the resident.

Another Jong Hpie villager estimated that, “half of our villagers have had fevers.” He added that, though no one had died in his village, the situation may be worse in Kayar Village. “I heard in their village 2 or 3 babies have died and many other villagers are sick.”

Though the fever has also attacked the elderly villagers in Khayar, it has been especially bad for the children. “[In] the last two days, children have died,” said a villager from Kayar, who was unsure of the number.

A similar fever (one which children are especially susceptible to) seems to have spread to Zar Ta Pyin, also of Karen State, according to a Zar Ta Pyin villager.

Though it is not certain the exact type of fever experienced in Karen State, the Democratic Voice of Burma reported on May 26th that children in Pago Division have contracted Dengue Fever.

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